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Are you considering standing as a candidate in the next PCC election in May 2016?

This page has been set up to help answer any questions you might have and point you towards further information about the role, responsibilities and work of PCCs.

We will be developing this area of the website over the coming months, so please check back regularly for updated content.


Candidate briefings



PowerPoint and PDF versions of Chief Executive Mark Stokes’ introductory briefing delivered to prospective Conservative PCC candidates in November 2015.


The Chief Executive’s introductory briefing is expanded upon within the  (updated from and ) which has been prepared by the OPCCN.


The Chief Executive has also written an .

The letter extends to PCC candidates the opportunity to meet with members of the OPCCN team, and the following update to the Chief Executive’s introductory briefing forms the basis of the presentation provided to candidates should they choose to take up that offer.


All candidates were invited to a briefing day with the OPCCN and senior officers of Norfolk Police. The following presentations were delivered to those who attended:

VideoWe’ve also produced a 60-second video on the role of a PCC which is worth a watch.

And our might be of interest.



The following guidance has been issued to PCC office staff, police staff and police officers, setting out the principles to which they must adhere during the election period, including in their engagement with candidates and the incumbent PCC and his deputy.




Other useful information


The Home Office has also produced a series of briefings for PCC candidates, which can be accessed on the gov.uk website via the links below:

PCC roles and responsibilities

National policy and strategy

Working with others within your force area

Working beyond your force area


The Association of Police and Crime Commissioners (APCC) has produced the following guides for PCC candidates on police finance:

RJGuideThe Restorative Justice Council has published a for PCC candidates.

ICVABriefingYou can also take a look at this produced by the Independent Custody Visiting Association (ICVA) to explain the duty on elected PCCs to provide a custody visiting scheme.



The National Farmers’ Union has also asked that its PCC election manifesto be made available to all candidates.




Want to know more?


About the PCC office team, our organisational structure and business delivery plan.
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Police & Crime Plan

The current PCC's Police & Crime Plan for Norfolk, priorities and policing objectives.
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The total budget under the control of the PCC in 2015/16 was £146.780m.
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PCCs can commission goods or services which help them achieve Police & Crime Plan objectives.
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Victim Support

Providing local support for victims of crime is one of the PCC's responsibilities.
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Repairing Harm

Information on putting victims first with restorative justice and community remedy.
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How Norfolk is working in partnership to align objectives and achieve shared goals.
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Community Involvement

Consultation and engagement with the public is a key part of the PCC role.
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